I need your help plus My New Oakley Gear

I need your help, I am looking for a pair of runners, I have been using my volleyball court shoes but have noticed that I am starting to get a lot of pain in my knees!  Do you have any suggestions? I am leaning towards the Asics Gel! Let me know what you think! 

I was very excited to receive some new Oakley products in the mail and was very impressed with how they fit and how comfortable they are!  Here are a few pictures of the cute items that I received!  

ImageI love this swift hoodie, it is very cute and light perfect for spring! 

Test This Work it Out Tank is amazingly comfortable and lightweight perfect to wear on a hot summer day!

Test This bathing suit is also very cute I love the purple on the top and I can’t wait to wear it! 



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My First week of Keep Moving Challenge- Tough Mudder Training!

My first activity in the 52 week had to be Tough Mudder training!

I decided to start training for this event with Kp Fitness Studio in Abbotsford, BC! I have yet to decide if I will actually do the real Tough Mudder Obstacle Course! Here are a few pictures from todays work out! Of course I am sport my Oakley Running pants and Yellow Oakley Tank!

Class Description: “It’s the toughest obstacle course around, and it’s coming to Whistler this June.  Train to join a team, or just take this class to get into the best shape of your life.  Full of cardio drills, push-ups and a variety of training obstacles, this class will push you to your limits! ” (Taken from the KP Fitness Website)

What we did: Lunges (LOTS) , jump squats (lots), squats, running, monkey Bars, sprints, Bell Bar lifts, squat Lifts, push ups, planks, mountain climbers and much more.

Difficulty: On the difficulty scale I would give it an 8.5. I would recommend training a bit before you decided to challenge yourself with Tough Mudder Training.

What I liked/disliked: I loved being pushed and a lot of these exercises were challenging for me. I loved working on my upper body strength because that is one of the weakest parts of my body. The only part of the class I didn’t like was push ups but that really has nothing do to with the class but my relationship with push ups (I am working on that.)

Would I do it again:  HECK YES!

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Excited to be Stylin in My New Oakley Gear!

I was very excited to see a Big box was delivered to my front door today! I opened it up and received all my Oakley Gear including two pairs of sweet sunglasses! Check out my first outfit!!! I am going to go for a run this evening because I feel like a hundred bucks! Image

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Oakley Ambassador – Perform Beautifully and Just Keep Moving!

I found out a few weeks ago that I was chosen to represent Oakley Canada as one of there very first women ambassadors.  I felt extremely excited, grateful and to be honest totally unprepared! I have always been an active person, and being fit has been very important to me, but this news pushed me to make a few changes in my life!

First of all my passion for activity has never left me, the way a good run makes you feel or   the excitement after scoring a well earned point on the beach volleyball court.  I have been beyond motivated by this ambassadorship and have decided to challenge myself and maybe a few others! I decided to out a new excersise/activity/sport once a week and write about the activity and what I liked/disliked about it, what areas of the body it targeted and if it got my blood flowing ;)!  I will continue to do the excerises I love, but will add a bit of flair!

But wait…there is more, I am consulting with one of my husbands best friends to see what is required to run a half marathon, if my knees could handle that much training and that long of a run! But I hope I can add that to one of my goals!

I hope I can encourage you all to perform beautifully!!

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