Trying the #MysteryBrand from Influenster





Influenster I just received my #MysteryBrand VoxBox today, and I couldn’t wait to rip it open. I ripped it open and smelt such a lovely smell. Also the label said it was for dry and distressed hair, which is exactly my problem. I had to go have a shower right away to try the products. The shampoo is by far my favourite smell, I thought it my head, I could wear this as perfume. I liked the creamy feeling of the shampoo and it lathered easily on my head. The conditioner did not smell as nice as the shampoo but I liked it. I left it on for a minute as I usually do with a lot of my conditioners and rinsed it off. My hair felt silky and smooth instantly. The third bottle is something I have never purchased for myself but I was glad to try it. Split-end serum is a treat in my house and as soon as I dried off my hair with a towel, I put this on. Love the smell and feel of my hair. Can’t wait to find out what product I have been using!



About kristineewald

Hello! My name is Kristine Ewald and I am incredibly excited and honored to be one of the first Canadian women selected as an Oakley Ambassador! My Challenge for this year is to try a different excerise/activity once a week and write about my experiences! I also want to carry on with my regular sports that I love! A little bit about me : I have had an amazing life so far! I have wonderful family and friends who have supported my many journeys. I absolutely love sports, hiking, volleyball (indoor and beach), and swimming, among many other activities. I also played middle for the UFV Cascades volleyball team and was chosen as a league all-star. Not only do I LOVE sports, but I have a passion for adventure and I love helping others. I traveled to Costa Rica to play volleyball and work in orphanages, and also to Thailand with my husband to hike, do yoga, ride elephants and, most importantly, help at an AIDS Orphanage. My biggest, hardest and proudest accomplishment yet was having my daughter Leighton! I currently work for my local Food Bank, but my ultimate goal is to encourage people with special needs to get active, especially within the school districts! I have been told that I am stubborn, adventurous, hard working, fun, sensitive and maybe a bit crazy. I love Oakley because they are passionate about encouraging and supporting women to perform beautifully and to live a healthy and active lifestyle. They also make amazing products that encourage this healthy lifestyle through amazing performance while still looking absolutely beautiful! I hope to do the same by challenging myself and other women to perform beautifully by pushing themselves, to live a healthy and active lifestyle and step out of their comfort zones!
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