Trying the #MysteryBrand from Influenster





Influenster I just received my #MysteryBrand VoxBox today, and I couldn’t wait to rip it open. I ripped it open and smelt such a lovely smell. Also the label said it was for dry and distressed hair, which is exactly my problem. I had to go have a shower right away to try the products. The shampoo is by far my favourite smell, I thought it my head, I could wear this as perfume. I liked the creamy feeling of the shampoo and it lathered easily on my head. The conditioner did not smell as nice as the shampoo but I liked it. I left it on for a minute as I usually do with a lot of my conditioners and rinsed it off. My hair felt silky and smooth instantly. The third bottle is something I have never purchased for myself but I was glad to try it. Split-end serum is a treat in my house and as soon as I dried off my hair with a towel, I put this on. Love the smell and feel of my hair. Can’t wait to find out what product I have been using!


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