Golfing- My fifth Week Challenge


Sorry about the lack of posts, I have been dealing with some personal issues and I am finally catching up on some posts! 

Activity Description: 

Golf: This is a precision sport where you hit a small ball into a small hole a long ways away!  You use drivers, clubs and putters to accomplish this task. 

What I did:  I played 18 holes to raise money for the Abbotsford Food Bank

What you need: A good pair of shades, clubs (you can often rent a few) and a lot of golf balls, if you are anything like me (A lot of balls went into the bush and water.)   

Difficulty: Golf is a great activity for those who are just starting to thinking of fitness, as it does not require a lot of exertion.  Physically and mentally it can be difficult because you have to hit balls precisely and focus on the task at hand.  I would give it a difficulty of 10 out of 10, not for the workout but for how fricken hard the game of golf is!  

What I liked/disliked: I liked the first nine holes of golf, but after that I found it to be mentally exhausting. Koodos to all of the people who do well at this sport because IT IS HARD! I don’t think I will be playing golf for a while: I like fast paced activities so I found myself to be a little frustrated and bored. 

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