Exercise on the Sand!

I absolutely love exercising on the sand and one of my favourite work outs is beach volleyball.  Yes this is not a new exercise for myself but for some of you this may be something you haven’t tried! Image

Activity Description: 

Sand Exercising: There is a lot of different activities you can do on sand. My favourites include beach volleyball, sand soccer, running, and a little bit of tanning!! 

What I did:  This week I played volleyball on the sand! This includes blocking, hitting, diving, running and serving.

What you need: A good pair of shades and a bunch of friends to enjoy this activity.

Difficulty: It was hard to determine how difficult this activity was because like a lot of other exercises it depends on what you put into it. I also find this exercise is around a 7 for me because there is not as much cardio but I do find the quick pace of the game to be a great workout.

What I liked/disliked: I love volleyball, it is one of my biggest passions! It can be challenging to get in but it is an amazing game to play with friends!

Here is more information about Sand Exercises! http://www.ashleybensonfitness.com/2012/02/take-your-workout-outside-to-sand.html

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