My Third Week Challenge: Hiking in beautiful Houston, BC!


Activity Description: 

Hiking was the theme of the week.  During my stay in Houston I decided I wanted to enjoy the natural beauty of the outdoors by trying some new trails.  I was very excited that my husbands family was on board to show me some beautiful trails, meadows and mountains! 

What I did: I ended up being able to do two hikes, one was up a mountain called Grouse mountain and that hike lasted two hours.  The other hike was unnamed but it lasted an hour and a half!   We hiked through meadows, up steep inclines, down the mountain side, across creeks and through wooded areas.  

What you need: I encourage you to wear hiking books because I wore my court shoes and I could of easily rolled my ankle if I was not careful.  I encourage you to bring water with you ( we were lucky enough to come across a delicious natural spring.) Also bring a warm layer of clothing because as we went higher on the mountain it became cooler. 

Difficulty: It was hard to determine how difficult this activity was because there are a range of trails, hikes and mountains that you can climb. My first hike I would of rated it a 7.5 and my second hike was a 6. I would encourage you to try and push yourselves when hiking but also remember to stay safe!

What I liked/disliked: I loved everything about the hike except for the fact that I did not have proper footwear. I loved being in God’s creation and enjoying the amazing sites (including a black bear.) I think there is something about being immersed in nature, and I challenge you to get outside, keep moving and perform beautifully! 

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